Whiskey LR-1 Trolling Tips

Speed through the water is absolutely crucial when trolling the Whiskey LR-1 large bladed spinner.  When trolling, the rod tip "thumps" are the measurable indicator of correct speed.  The Whiskey LR-1 is most effective at 120-135 "thumps" per minute.  The variables of engine thrust; tides/currents, direction of troll, and wind all compound to complicate maintaining the correct troll speed.  Employing small troll buckets or utilizing a kicker-motor are great ways to scale back engine thrust.  Do not forget to pull the buckets out of the water when a fish is hooked or you elect to run to another area...it will happen though!  Trolling perpendicular to tide/current/wind flow in an "S" pattern is effective when the tide is running or the wind is blowing. 

The Whiskey LR-1 is extremely deadly on the inside rod of a turn.  The blade "flutters" in a downward sinking motion.  When turning or trolling an "S" pattern, stay very tuned into the inside rod.  I personally man the inside rod during turns.  I keep in touch with the trolling weight to keep the spinner from dragging/snagging bottom and maintaining the flutter.  You have to develop nerves of steel to do this though.  If you attempt to set the hook right as a fish hits, odds are you will miss it.  Rather, keep those nerves bottled up, be patient and wait for the fish to turn before driving the hook home.  These are the literal seconds of adrenaline rush that some of us live for.  Have you heard the spey fly fishing mantra, "the tug is the drug", well, news flash, they are not the only ones that can experience this feeling!  Chinook returning to their natal waters have mouths made of "armor".  The combination of a fish that is moving away and the penetrating Gamakatsu Whiskey LR-1 hooks will result in a solid hook set.

The rest is up to you!




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