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If you have not tried this spinner yet, to target returning "spawner" king salmon, you may be missing out.  This spinner, reminiscent of the historical "Tee spoon" , has hands-down out fished other popular spinners in the Southcentral Alaskan troll fishery. As an example, last season (2016),  during prime time conditions, I took the opportunity to give this spinner an unyielding  test.  An LR-1 bladed spinner was fished side-by-side against 8 other spinners, each considered "hot" in certain northern Oregon estuary fisheries. Two rods were fished side-by-side, as identically as possible, over the course of 4 tides.  The test results speak for themselves, the LR-1 blade out fished all other spinners 4-0.  I am not sure the other spinners even got a sniff !  This blade has been a "go-to" for these Alaskan kings for 25 years and now is being offered by Lip Ripper Lures in a re-mastered format.  Part of Lip Ripper Lure philosophy is that it is better to "fine tune" an old tried and true design rather than go with a new-fangled "designer" idea.  The "Old Boys" had a pretty good idea of what they were doing, do not doubt their wisdom.

Oh I forgot to mention, my rod was the one skunked using the "other" Oregon spinners...:0

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