Tackle Tip

Rods, reels, line, lures, flashers...all cost a lot of money.  As you are aware, the corrosion inherent with saltwater fishing can ruin gear at an amazingly fast rate.  To help combat this issue, purchase a plastic spray bottle from your local hardware store for less than $10.  Fill it with fresh water, store it in a cup holder on your boat and give your gear a quick spray wash-down as you change out gear and/or the end of the trip.  After the spray-down, pat dry with a cloth and air dry.  Washing down ASAP just takes seconds and absolutely works.  Some spinners of mine have fished in the salt for 20+ years...clevises were bent and hooks were worn blunt from sharpening, but the effects of corrosion were nearly nonexistent by using this simple wash-down procedure in a religious fashion. 


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