Whiskey LR-1

Welcome to Lip Ripper Lures, the Home of the Whiskey LR-1 spinner. The Whiskey LR-1 trolling spinner is originally designed to target returning Chinook (king) salmon in the estuarine intertidal environment.  The LR-1 also has promise  to be an effective, slow trolled, Lake trout, (Mackinaw), and Muskie spinner capable of doing battle with the the largest fish.  This time proven, large bladed spinner features the Whiskey LR-1 ultra-mag, "deep cupped", blade punched from a proprietary tooled die. Made from solid brass or copper stock, this thin gauged, (.019"), blade measures 3.25" L x 2.25" W.  Whiskey LR-1 proprietary blade design is similar to the Colorado/Backmore style blades. They are rounded and produce some of the most vibration and lift of any blade in the world of spinners. Because of their inherent design, they allow you to fish more slowly than other blade shapes. They are the best choice for fishing in shallow, near-shore waters. The additional vibration is important too when fishing stained water or low-light conditions where fish use their sense of "feel" to locate prey, more than their sense of sight. The combination of gauge, size and deep cup produces an unparalleled "thump" when trolled at speeds of 1.4-1.8 mph, 120-130 "thumps" per minute. These same characteristics also result in an effortless blade start-up and a lively "flutter" upon the fall, such as experienced during an inside trolling turn.

All components of the Whiskey LR-1 have been selected for compatibility and high quality; from the stainless barrel swivel and  .040" dia stainless shaft to the Gamakatsu hooks. The LR-1 is offered in two hook configurations both manufactured by Gamakatsu USA,TM. a 5/0 Treble and a 6/0 Single Siwash. The 5/0 treble has a gape that measures just less than 5/8", while the 6/0 siwash has a gape of just less than 7/8". Both hooks are easily adapted to CNR status with barbs that easily pinch down with a good set of pliers. All spinner models are constructed with a "complimentary-colored" latex skirt for increased contrast, silhouette and actionThe overall length of this "balanced" spinner measures approximately 8.75".

In the words of one Guide friend regarding this spinner ...." it just pisses them off"

Thanks For Looking, Fish-ON

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Which Whiskey LR-1 Spinner Should I Choose?

Fishing is easy, catching is more difficult at times. What worked last year or yesterday, may not work today. Outlined below are some general "visibility" guidelines to help facilitate your fish "catching" spinner choices. Light affects the strength of the filtering effect of the water. In bright light, more light will transmit and it will transmit deeper. Low light will mean everything is dimmer and darker. What is the tint of the water... clear blue, green, reddish brown? How about brightness of the surrounding light? Is it bright sunny, or cloudy? If it's cloudy, is it still bright or a darker cloudy? What time of day? Early? Mid-day? Late? Water acts as the "colored lenses" fish "wear." However, instead of being a thin glass lens, water is a thick liquid lens. The deeper the water or the farther a fish is from the object it is viewing, the stronger the filtering effect. There are three "lens" colors of water, blue, green and brownish-red. 

Generally, use pearl white/silver (light colors) on sunny days and red/copper or brass (dark colors) on overcast days.
Use a genuine silver or gold plated blade for maximum flash and visibility, silver for clear water and gold for stained.
The Whiskey LR-1 is available in blade colors of solid brass, Sterling silver plated, soid copper, 24k gold plated, plus
6 painted versions. Silver is typically a good choice for clear water, and in bright, sunny conditions. Copper blades are
best when fishing water that is generally clear, but with a tannic or dark stain. Genuine gold or brass is preferable
in blue water, low light conditions. Painted blades cover a variety of conditions. Chartreuse is a terrific color
in clear blue water. For off-color water on cloudy days, use copper or brass spinners, but if the water’s clear and the
day is sunny, silver or gold. In conclusion, Lip Ripper Lures has the blade design variety to...."just piss'em off"

Clear water: Silver

Light stained water: Gold/Silver combo

Stained water: Gold or White Pearl

Muddy water: Copper

Overcast and Cloudy: Gold, Brass, Copper

Bright Sunshine: Silver

Do not see what you want?

Email me your design specifications and I will work to custom build a "trophy fish" catching spinner for you.  Note, custom builds are constrained to current component availability. 

Have a good picture of a fish caught on a Whiskey LR-1?

Send me your fish pictures using the Whiskey LR-1.  With your permission, I will post your catches on this website.  Catch and release pictures too please.  Location details of your catch will not be disclosed.

Interested in a Free spinner?

Send me a picture I can use on this Site of a fish caught on a Whiskey LR-1 and qualify to receive a "Free" custom build spinner.  Free spinners are limited to the first entry received per Region per fish species caught.